Graphene inks

Our inks enable the integration of graphene into a variety of technical applications.

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Why use graphene inks?

Graphene inks provide a convenient and flexible, yet industrially relevant means to integrate graphene into various products and applications. Many of the useful properties of graphene are retained in the printed films, for example, its high electrical and thermal conductivity, mechanical strength, flexibility, and sensing properties. However, inks are usually formulated with graphene flakes rather than monolayers; as a result, printed graphene tends to be opaque and not transparent.

With a focus on commercially viable technology development and no tie to specific graphene raw material, we formulate graphene inks which provide the best technical solution for a particular application.

All our graphene inks are water-based and have low curing temperature. Therefore, they are suitable for deposition on heat sensitive substrates such as paper, textiles, and polymers. Once cured, the inks are stable at up to 200 ºC expanding the range of applications to include automotive, motorsport, power electronics, industrial sensors, etc.

Graphene films and patterns printed with our inks can be bonded to wires and other flexible or rigid circuitry using our silver conductive adhesive SA0850, or graphene adhesive GA0600.

Examples of how our inks have been used in innovative electronics and detailed information about their properties can be found in some of our publications.

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G0300 Graphene conductive paste

Screen printable graphene conductive paste for general use.

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Carbon-343 (1)

G0360 Stretchable graphene paste

Graphene conductive paste for stretchable applications.

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