Electrically Conductive Adhesives

Our electrically conductive adhesives are unique, patented formulations which are developed to meet the challenges of today’s electronics industry and emerging novel technologies.

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Our conductive adhesives provide the following properties:

Low-temperature cure at any temperature between 50 °C and 220 °C
One-part adhesives stored at room temperature, enabling their use over many days and months to fit prototyping and low-volume production schedules
Ready to use as supplied, no pre-mixing required
Excellent environmental stability once cured, including in humid and warm conditions
Suitable for dispensing with commonly available dispensing equipment
Supplied in syringes for manual dispensing and in specialist cartridges according to customer specifications
Aqueous formulations without flammable and toxic solvents means safe use in any operating environment.
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SA0155 Silver die-attach adhesive

One-part, aqueous adhesive for use as die-attach and gap filler material. The adhesive is suitable for bonding dissimilar metals. Its gel consistency ensures physical stability and prevents run-off after dispensing. This product is specifically designed for low-temperature cure.

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SA0850 Flexible conductive glue

A versatile, fast-drying, one-part conductive adhesive which provides flexible bonding. It can be used to bond conductive fabrics, metallised textiles, stretchable knitted fabrics, and other similar materials.

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SA0853 (1)

SA0853 Flexible conductive glue (slow drying)

One-part, aqueous silver conductive adhesive with extended working life allowing longer assembly times. The adhesive can be used as a solder replacement for connecting rigid and flexible components to create hybrid electronics, as well as attaching wires to heat-sensitive substrates.

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