IND- Stretchable electronics

Stretchable electronics

Stretchable electronics refers to the production of electronic circuits and devices onto stretchable substrates or embedding them completely in a stretchable material such as silicones or polyurethanes. These electronic devices must conform to the shape of the environment in which they operate. Stretchable electronics is particularly well suited to evolving demands in the healthcare, soft robotics, sports and military domains, providing light weight and high performance products.

Stretchable electronic inks available from DZP Technologies provide cost-efficient, bespoke solutions for producing stretchable conductors in extremely short time scales, and in differentiated forms. Our silver conductive inks and adhesives can survive thousands of stretch cycles with practically no deterioration of the conductive properties. Our silver inks survive over 1000 cycles to 33% strain with negligible change in resistance.

We work closely with our customers to develop material systems suitable for the needs of emerging applications, enabling innovative electronic devices.