IND- Internet of Things


Our electronic materials enable advanced, unique, and unconventional IoT solutions to secure market and technology leadership through innovation.

The Internet-of-Things (IoT) envisions a world of multiple connected sensors which monitor and record changes in physical objects or in the environment. The sensors can be used to perfect and monitor a manufacturing process, or they can be integrated into the end product to track its performance. Typically, these sensors measure properties such as strain, pressure, load, humidity, moisture, temperature, pH, and/or the presence of chemicals and gases.

IoT offers almost endless opportunities to bring intelligence into any everyday object or surface. It is transforming manufacturing as well as user experiences; it is underlying Industry 4.0 and shaping the development of artificial intelligence.

Using our products for IoT applications

Our conductive inks and other electronic materials can be used to produce a variety of sensors for practically any application. Silver conductive inks are the material of choice for producing conductive tracks which require metal-like conductivity. Carbon inks, on the other hand, are used to produce low-cost sensing components in strain and temperature sensors, and may also serve as low-cost interconnects where low currents are used.

We offer high performance, ready-to-use formulations which are compatible with mass production techniques. We also offer customised and specialty materials which create added value for our customers.


Case study: printed sensor for condition monitoring

Applying sensors to a piece of equipment enables a move towards preventative and predictive maintenance that could immediately demonstrate improved operational efficiency and reduced downtime.

DZP Technologies is a partner in the Graphosite consortium which develops graphene printed sensors for condition monitoring of composite structures. To learn more about the project, click here.