WS2 ink

Aqueous ink 5mg /ml

WS2 is a graphene-like, two-dimensional material which can be exfoliated into monolayer and few-layer sheets. This WS2 ink contains nanoflakes of lateral particle size 150 – 200 nm, and has film-forming properties as supplied. The ink can also be used as an additive and mixed with other materials and inks in order to modify the film properties. The WS2 nanoflakes are semiconductors and can be used for gas and humidity sensing, lithium ion battery electrodes, supercapacitor electrodes, field effect transistors, optoelectronics, photocatalysis, photovoltaics, etc.

Solids content: 5 mg / mL

Appearance: brown liquid

Average particle size: 150 – 200 nm

Cure temperature: heating at any temperature between 80 °C and 200 °C

Viscosity: 10 – 20 mPa.s (cP) at 20 r.p.m. at 20 °C

Shelf life:  minimum 12 months.

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