Silver flexographic ink

Aqueous ink designed for printing with laboratory flexographic proofers and in industrial environment. This ink is ideal for printing on paper and polymer substrates to produce smart packaging, electronic circuitry, paper-based diagnostic biosensors, etc. Air dry at 120 °C, or photonic (flash lamp) processing.

Silver content: 63%

Key substrates: Paper, polymers (e.g. polyethylene terephthalate PET), composites (e.g. carbon fibre) and plastics (e.g. epoxy, FR4)

Applications: Conductive tracks and films, e.g. for RFID and NFC antennas, electronic circuitry, sensors, paper and wearable electronics.

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Other Adhesives


F0280 Silver conductive paste

Aqueous silver conductive paste designed for printing and coating on flexible and stretchable substrates, and for general purpose use.


S0860 Silver conductive paste

Thick conductive paste for pneumatic dispensing, micro-extrusion, and stencil printing. Used in 3D printing, structural electronics, and power electronics interconnects.