Silver conductive paste

General purpose use, with excellent adhesion to many substrates, mechanical and chemical stability once cured.

Silver content: 75%

Application method: manual and semi-automatic screen printing, pneumatic ink dispensing, micro-extrusion, bar coating, brush.

Key substrates: flexible and stretchable polymer films (PET, PEN, PC, TPU), composites and plastics (epoxy, FR4), textiles.

Cure temperature: heating at any temperature between 80 °C and 200 °C.

Sheet resistance: 10 mOhms/sq at 25µm thickness when cured at 200 °C.

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Other Adhesives


F0280 Silver conductive paste

Aqueous silver conductive paste designed for printing and coating on flexible and stretchable substrates, and for general purpose use.


F0581 Flexographic ink

Low-viscosity silver conductive ink suitable for slot-die, flexographic, and gravure printing on plastic and paper substrates. The coatings can be cured by heating, and photonic processing such as laser and flash lamp.